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Quartz Countertops- What HGTV didn’t tell you

"Why Do You Want Quartz?"

Here at Italian Marble we sell quartz left-and-right. When a customer comes in we ask them why they are interested in quartz instead of granite or other surfaces. The most common answer is "we do not want to deal with the maintenance of granite."  Many people are scared of granite when they hear that you have to seal the granite.  However sealing your granite is not a hard process. The following link is a one minute video from Miracle Sealants that shows you how to seal your granite with ease ( https://youtu.be/xvuRFAR5aXQ ).

"I Want My Counters to Look Like Marble."

We highly recommend quartz if you like the look of marble and want something that is more durable.  QUARTZ IS 100% MORE DURABLE THAN MARBLE.  Here at IM&G our top selling quartz colors look like marble. The kitchen pictured below is Paragon, which is made by Aureastone. This option gives you a bright white background with soft veins.

This island features Paragon made by Aureastone

"So which one is better?"

Overall, we still recommend granite over quartz. Even though quartz is less porous than granite, if you leave red wine on it for days, there could potentially be a mark. But most importantly you CANNOT take something out of the oven and put it on your quartz countertops.  It does not handle the heat well.  The heat can crack, melt, or discolor your countertops.  This is also why we do not recommend quartz for fireplaces. However, like quartz, granite has some drawbacks as well. Granite can chip and needs to be sealed. Even still, granite is easier to repair.  So if you get a scratch, chip, or stain on your countertop.  We can confidently say that we can repair the countertop.  However that is not the case with quartz.  It is hard to repair scratches and chips.


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