Antiqued Granite Countertops

There are many different natural stone finishes to use on your countertops.  They range from leathered (antiqued), honed, polished, and many more.  These finishes do not necessarily jeopardize the integrity of the granite countertops.  However, additional coats of sealer may need to be applied.  When a stone is leathered it creates a textured finish, which varies depending on the quartz structure of the stone.  Meaning that two different granites can have a leathered finish but one may have more texture than the other.

It is important to try and think of what “look” you are trying to achieve.  Some customers prefer the leathered finish when they are trying to achieve a more rustic or old feel in their kitchen.  Polished granite countertops and leathered granite countertops can bring two different looks.  The picture above shows a leathered granite countertop out of African Tapestry.  The granite countertop below is the same stone, but with a polished finish.  Both granites bring something different to the kitchen.  It is important to see that leathering the stone lightens it as well.