Indoor Patio

Here is a before picture of a kitchen that we were working on.  I thought it had the potential to be something stunning and wanted to show how much granite can change the feeling of a room.  The homeowner had purchased this house with the brick work existing.  Although it looks beautiful now a lot… Read more »


CaesarStone is an engineered stone that we have been selling.  It has many of the same characteristics as granite.  Such as the durability of the stone.  You can place hot items directly on the counter top, it does not chip or crack easily, and it is easy to clean.  However, one of the disadvantages of… Read more »

Why Granite

What are the benefits of using granite?  Granite has been around since the beginning of time, and has proven to be a durable surface. Here are a list of the benefits of granite: Natural Beauty- Every stone is different Does not stain Can cut directly on it- No need to use a cutting board Easy… Read more »

Caring for Granite

  Wonder how to care for your granite?  Here are some basic care instructions: Most importantly, do not stand on your granite.  Although granite is very strong is does flex and can break.  So do not stand or sit on our granite. Use cleaners that are made for natural stone- We have some available here…. Read more »

Home Show

Now that the home show is over, it would be great to get an idea of what everyone thought.  Roughly 30,000 people attended this years event, and I am assuming everyone has an opinion.  Even if it is just the layout of the home show, favorite house, or the latest trends that can be seen… Read more »


I would like to welcome everyone to the Italian Marble & Granite Inc.’s blog.  The goal of his blog is to increase awareness about the granite, marble, onyx, & engineered stones.  Also, design and architecture are a huge part of our business and we would like to highlight some of the newest trends and things… Read more »