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The Production Process

Below is a video that details our production process here at Italian Marble & Granite.  Before this technology, which is shown in the video, we used cardboard templates and cut granite by hand.  Technology has definitely changed for the better!

Time to Celebrate

Usually I am posting about different stones and maintenance, but today I would like to take a moment and thank our customers and employees.  We are very fortunate to be celebrating 25 years in business this week, and we have grown to where we are today with the help of our customers and employees. Our… Read more »


I would like to welcome everyone to the Italian Marble & Granite Inc.’s blog.  The goal of his blog is to increase awareness about the granite, marble, onyx, & engineered stones.  Also, design and architecture are a huge part of our business and we would like to highlight some of the newest trends and things… Read more »