Going Green

A stone that we just started selling within the last couple years is called Ice Stone.  Ice Stone is a mixture between recycled glass and a cement composition.  Recycling has become even more important within the last ten years, especially with the Green Movement.

What exactly does a recycled glass counter top look like?  It looks a lot like CaesarStone, but has glass pieces throughout the stone.  It comes in a variety of colors from reds, whites, and even blues.  As one could imagine it does not look very natural.  IceStone does not look like granite, but I do not think it is intended to.  IceStone is good for people who are scared by the movement of granite and marble.  Also, it is good for people who have a hard time knowing that every slab is different.  IceStone, much like CaesarStone, is very consistent.  What you see, is what you get.  Whereas granites and marbles have variation in the slabs. Two slabs of marble may look different even if they are the same type.

IceStone has not been a huge trend here in Buffalo, New York.  I am not sure if it due to lack of awareness, or if people prefer the natural stone.  What do you think?  Would you use it?