Is it Marble or Caesarstone?

Caesarstone has come out with 5 great new colors.  These new colors are intended to duplicated what nature has created, marble.    As mentioned multiple times on this blog, marble is a beautiful surface.  But it requires attention and is hard to maintain.  Although it does look beautiful it can be destroyed within a matter of years due to the staining and scratching.  Caesarstone noticed that the their clients desired the natural beauty of marble and they set out to make a product which will hopefully satisfy their desire for marble.  Below are pictures of the 5 new colors and a poll.  We would greatly appreciate it if you could participate in it.  We want to know if you think these new colors can be used as an option for marble.  The new Caesarstone colors will not stain or scratch, therefore it might be a better option for many people.  Let us know what you think! Do you think these stones look like marble??

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Dreamy Marfil Emperadoro Frosty Carrina London Grey Piatra Gray