Is this good work?

There are an ever increasing amount of people trying to break into the granite industry, and they will all tell you they are the best.  So how do you really know who is telling the truth?  Here are some tips to looks for when deciding who should fabricate your counter tops.

  1. Cheapest does not mean it is the best.  Usually there is a reason why they are cheaper.
  2. Do they explain the different characteristics of each stone to you.  They should know which stones will work better outside, or will hold with less supports.
  3. You should check out other jobs to see their joints.- a seam or joint should be less than 1/16 and should blend in with the counter top
  4. Did they check for level-A good fabricator and installer will check your cabinets for levelness-if they are not level there is the ability for the granite to crack
  5. Did they match the direction of the grain and did the kitchen come from the same slab and lot.-Some fabricators will not match the direction of the “pattern” therefore they may clash.  Also if more than one slab of granite is needed make sure they match, because the next lot may be slightly different.
  6. Is the bottom polished?-Many fabricators do not polish underneath the counter top, but they should because people could feel it.
  7. Do they “man up” to their mistakes. -Sometimes mistakes happen, but the way a company handles them can say a lot.

Hopefully these tips will help you find a high quality fabricator.