Million Dollar Rooms

Have you ever watched the show Million Dollar Room on HGTV?  It is a great show to get ideas.  Although many of us cannot afford all the wonderful things in these houses there are cheaper options.  I have watched this show and gotten wonderful ideas.

  • Get ideas on how to design your bathrooms- jacuzzi or soaking tub, shower, dual vanities
  • Many times kitchens are featured on the show- I have seen Lava counters, granite, marble, and concrete counter tops
  • Patios- Although some of these patios are very elaborate you can get an idea if you would like yours to look something that it.  Do you want a pool, bar, cabana
  • The color tones of different houses

Although some of these things may see far-fetched for most of us, I highly recommend watching the show.  It will give you wonderful ideas for that next project you are doing.