Natural Characteristics of Granite Countertops

Granite is a beautiful natural product that is taken directly from the Earth.  Each individual slab of granite or other natural stone will look slightly different.  With this said there a some natural characteristics of granite countertops that cannot be avoided.

  1. Pits-  Some granites have pits and others do not, it depends directly on the mineral composition of the stone.  In some cases you will be able to feel the pits on high polished granite countertops when rubbing your hand across the stone.  The pits will not get worse, and have been in the granite since purchased.  So what exactly is a pit?  A pit is a gap between the mineral composition or crystals.
  2. Fissures- Like pits fissures are natural to granite and other stones as well.  A fissure looks like a crack in the granite, but it is not one.  This happens as the granite forms due to the heat and pressure.

Pits and fissures do not compromise the integrity of the granite countertop, but merely adds to the natural beauty of the stone.  Therefore when picking out your stone make sure you are aware of the different characteristics of it.  If you do not like the way the fissures or pits look, then perhaps pick another granite that does not have them.  Quartz countertops may also be a good option due to it being man made.