Porcelain Slabs

Everyone is loving quartz right now, with colors that resemble natural stone particularly on trend. But when it comes to replicating a marble look, quartz cannot compare to porcelain slabs.  Porcelain slabs have been breaking into the market the last couple of years and the resemblance to marble is remarkable.

Porcelain slabs have a number of distinct characteristics:

  • UV resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • 12mm thick (approximately 1/2″)
  • Some brands are full bodied – which means the color is not just on the surface, but in the edges as well

Since porcelain is 12mm thick it is ideal for vertical applications.  Porcelain is great for use on a fireplace, shower, or full height backsplash.  Porelain can be used for kitchen counter tops, though it is only 12mm thick.  In order to replicate the look of a thicker counter top, a mitered edge can be applied to the procelain.

One of the great porcelain brands that we carry is Sapienstone.  Check out their website to see some of the amazing colors that they carry!  https://www.sapienstone.com/