Quartz/Engineered Stone

Quartz is 93% crushed quartz mineral.  It is then combined with polyester resins and pigments to create the different colors and patterns.  Quartz is stain and scratch resistant within reason.  However, when damage does occur it is harder to repair.  Quartz is not recommended to be used outside or around heat.  Meaning you cannot take something out of the oven and place it on your quartz countertops.

Engineered Stone

A pyrolithic engineered stone. “Pyrolithic stone is 100% mineral based material made from patented GeoMimicry Forming Technology.” What makes GeoLux different is the durability. “Geolux is resistant to stains, scratching, high acid, low water absorption.” GeoLux can be used outside and more heat resistant than quartz products. 10 year commercial warranty and 15 year residential warranty.

Sapienstone is a made from ceramic clays and mineral coloring. The porcelain slabs are ½” thick. They are heat, scratch, and UV resistant. This material is very realistic to natural marble or other natural stones.

Uses “sinterized particale technology” to create a durable material that can be used outside for building facades or kitchen countertops. Dekton is UV, scratch, stain, fire & heat, ice and thawing resistant.