What is a countertop layout?

A countertop layout is when a customer views their selected stone and sees where their countertop will be cut out of their specific slabs.  When customers come into Italian Marble and Granite for their layout they have usually seen their selected slabs at least once before.  But during the layout they are shown their selection again.  Then they go into our conference room where they see a 3D layout of their kitchen on our television.  At this point the customer can see how exactly we are going to cut and put together their countertops.  The customer will see grain direction, sink location, as well as the joint locations.  We also pride ourselves in giving our customers a voice during the layout process.  If they do not like a particular section of the stone we try our best to cut around it or move it around to a less noticeable spot.

Why do a layout?  It gives the customer a say in their countertop.  We want our customers to see exactly what is being installed into their home or office.  Stones that have a lot of movement such as marble and granite are especially important because customers want to see how the different slabs are going to come together.  When working with Quartz the layout is not as important because the pattern is very consistent and there tends to be limited to no grain direction.  Check out our video to see how it all works!