What surface to pick

Recently, I have noticed a lot of new trends emerging in respects to counter top surfaces.  I have been talking about the different stones that are out there, and ones that we sell here at Italian Marble & Granite.  But, I think I should address some of the new trends that people are interested in.

Butcher Block/Reclaimed Wood

  • Can stain
  • Absorbent
  • Cannot cut on, need cutting board
  • High Maintenance-Monthly sealing and oiling
  • Can dry up and crack if not properly maintained

Poured Concrete

  • Not durable due to sealers
  • Cannot place pots and pans directly on the surface
  • Cannot cut directly on the it, need cutting board
  • Joints tend to be large.

Stainless Steel

  • Heat and germ resistent
  • Scratches
  • Shows finger prints


  • Will show little dents
  • Scratches
  • It is a softer metal

Many people want their kitchen to look environmentally friendly.  But what is more environmentally friendly than natural stone, such a granite and marble.  As mentioned earlier granite is the most durable of surfaces, and marble is not always the best choice for a kitchen.  Another misconception is that granite and marble is more expensive.  Well that is not the case because granites are marbles cost the same amount as CaesarStone (quartz surface), and IceStone (recycled glass surface) tends to be more expensive than granite.  My biggest recommendation for anyone looking to remodel their kitchen, office, bar, etc is to go to your local granite stores.  When clients come to Italian Marble & Granite we show them all the different options such as: marble, granite, IceStone, CaesarStone, Soap Stone, Slate, Onyx, Limestone, and more.  But we also tell our clients all the benefits and disadvantages of using the surface.  So, I would check out your local stores and see what products they offer and advice they have.